Break Fix Services

For a fast, effective response to hardware failure

Unplanned downtime doesn’t benefit anybody, and can have a significantly detrimental effect on operations as well as your bottom line. At Datametrics, we understand the importance of a fast response to a hardware failure, and the impact an effective solution can have.

Expertise, experience, and skilled engineers

With our Break Fix Service, you can choose the level of response that best suits your needs and your budget. Plus you can be assured that all major hardware vendor products are covered, including many that have already reached ‘end of life’ and are no longer supported directly by a vendor.

Our Break Fix Service customers enjoy:

  • A single point of contact to report a hardware failure
  • Pre-agreed service levels that are tailored to an organisation’s needs
  • 24/7 service and availability
  • Nationwide and international coverage
  • Certified, fully trained engineers

How we work

We always seek to agree the right service level, response, and fix times to match the operational requirements of an organisation. This ensures both the operational needs and the budget are catered for in the best way. If you only require 9am-5pm cover, than you do not have to pay for 24/7 cover unnecessarily.

Our standard response times operate at either 4 hours, 8 hours, or next business day. However, if your organisation has different operating requirements then we’d be delighted to talk these through with you further. We can provide our Break Fix Service anywhere in the world, we simply need to know where you are located.

24/7 Break Fix Service across the world; providing you with peace of mind

To find out more about how our Break Fix Service can protect your organisation from unnecessary down time due to hardware failure, please call us on 01327 351114 or complete the form below.