Electrical Testing

Early detection; peace of mind

Often, electrical installations take place over a period of time, perhaps even via different contractors. Each step is checked and approved, but how long its integrity lasts can be another matter. Older kit working with newer kit can place stress on a circuit that didn’t exist before. Thus periodic electrical testing is paramount for ensuring the safety of your setup.

Predictive maintenance is key

Small problems can become large problems over time. Insulation erodes, contacts corrode, connections work loose. Aspects such as these within an electrical installation need to be tested and checked, therefore, on a regular basis so that a proactive maintenance schedule can be put in place.

Our electrical testing services offer

Our team of certified and qualified electrical engineers can carry out:

  • Partial discharge testing, to monitor erosion to insulation
  • Insulation resistance testing, to determine the condition of insulation
  • Contact resistance testing, to detect issues with eroded contact surfaces, loose connections and corroded contacts
  • Primary injection testing, to test the behaviour of the primary system with a certain level of current
  • Secondary injection testing, test the current to the trip relay directly onto the secondary system
  • Power factor testing, to test the integrity of the insulation on a large transformer

How we work

At Datametrics we know that when it comes to electrical testing patience and attention to detail are key. We are rigorous in our pursuit of excellence and make it a point of pride to ensure our customers can enjoy peace of mind through our testing services. All our engineers have the qualifications, certifications, and experience needed to work thoroughly, reliably, and consistently, so our customers can be assured they have the right people carrying out the work.

Discovering problems before they are a problem

To find out more about how our electrical testing services could provide you with the proactive maintenance programme your organisation needs, please call us on 01327 351114.