Fibre Installation

Connectivity where speed, efficiency, and reliability are mission critical

If your organisation depends on the efficient handling of high quantities of data, then fibre connectivity is critical. With superior speed, significantly less degradation, and a reduced maintenance burden ongoing, fibre optic cabling is the ideal infrastructure for bulk financial transactions, large backups, and multimedia content.

When distance, bandwidth, and robust durability matter

Fibre optic cables can carry signals much further than their traditional copper counterpart, and often this will be with virtually no degradation in the process. With the increased demands that video and multiple voice requirements have these days, the greater bandwidth that fibre offers is also a must-have for many organisations.

Our fibre optic solutions offer:

  • Turn-key solution from design to installation, to testing, and beyond if required
  • Superior performance, reliability, durability, and reach than traditional copper networks
  • Resilience against temperature change, weather conditions, moisture ingress, and electromagnetic interference
  • Greater performance and reliability across greater distances
  • Increased bandwidth over traditional copper infrastructure
  • Custom-built solutions to meet your strategic needs
  • Full project management
  • A single point of contact to report a hardware failure
  • Nationwide and international coverage
  • Certified, fully trained engineers

How we work

At Datametrics our mantra is to deliver the right solution first time. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade an existing data centre network, or implement a new facility from scratch… we will deliver what you need on schedule and on budget.

When you choose Datametrics, you are choosing a company that delivers AND offers time and budget savings. By managing a project from start to finish, we can save you the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors, as well as the stress of chasing suppliers. And you can have peace of mind that the final installation will be completed to an exceptionally high standard because all our engineers are fully trained, certified, and accredited. And not only that… we can do all this anywhere in the world.

Fibre optic solutions when outstanding performance and reliability matter

To find out more about how our fibre optic solutions could provide you with the fast and uninterrupted operation your organisation needs, please call us on 01327 351114.